XC Alchemy Chocolade Whisky - Fa"brew"lous

XC Alchemy Chocolade Whisky

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Extra dark chocolate (80%) from Uganda and Madagascar with 23 types of spices and smoked salt turns drinking whiskey into an unmistakable experience.

Earthy chocolate blend of 20 types of spices in 80% single origin of dark chocolate from Uganda and Madagascar, tuned tones of spices with pippali pepper and smoked Maldon sea salt.

We recommend combining this extra dark chocolate with old peat whiskeys with smoke tones such as Adberg, Nika Yoichi, Laphroaigh.

Whiskey with chocolate can be enjoyed by the look, aroma and taste. When serving whiskey, hang a chocolate horseshoe on the edge of the glass. Smell. Bite a piece of chocolate and let it slowly melt on your tongue. Only then drink whiskey.

 This extra dark chocolate with spices and salt contains cocoa mass (dry matter min. 80%), cocoa butter, cane sugar, spices and herbs, sea salt, vanilla and lecithin. May contain traces of nuts, pollen and milk.

45 g - 8 pieces of chocolate 

XC Alchemy uses only first-class raw materials for the manual production of chocolate. No palm oil, no substitutes!